Subspecialty Referrals

Subspecialty Referrals

Patients concerned about their child's health can opt for a developmental screening which may include a comprehensive evaluation by medical professionals with special training in early childhood development. At Healthy Kidz Pediatrics in Mesa, Arizona, we will support you in meeting your child's medical needs. In addition, we will refer you to the subspecialty professionals who can help with your child's developmental, physical, and social-emotional needs.

What Is Screening?

Screening is a simple procedure used to diagnose infants and young children needing a physical and emotional health assessment. During the first three years of a child's life, their brain undergoes an extraordinary development period, and these years are considered the most crucial for a child's overall growth.

Screening therapy makes use of a standardized instrument, either a parent questionnaire or an observational tool that has been validated by research to learn more about the child's development. Screening helps identify children who need more evaluation and address concerns promptly before they become more significant problems.

Screening provides an opportunity for parents to access a wide range of services and early childhood programs and promotes and supports parents' understanding of their child's health, development and learning.

How Can Our Pediatric Subspecialty Professionals Help?

We provide specialist providers who can assist your child’s growth in all aspects of life including:

Developmental Screening

Developmental screening is the early assessment of children at risk for cognitive, motor, communication, or social-emotional delays. These delays may interfere with expected growth, learning, and development and warrant a further diagnosis, assessment, and evaluation. Developmental screening instruments include cognition, fine and gross motor skills, speech and language, and social-emotional development.

Social-Emotional Screening

Social-emotional screening is a major component of developmental screening of young children that focuses on expressing and regulating emotions, developing close and secure relationships, exploring their surrounding environment, and learning.

Separate social-emotional screening is needed for young children since it is not addressed in general developmental screening instruments. Social-emotional screening is synonymous with mental health screening for children under six.

Mental Health Screening

Mental health screening is the early evaluation of children at risk for possible mental health disorders that may impede their expected growth, learning, and development and may require further diagnosis, assessment, and evaluation.

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