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Flu Shots

Flu Shots

Young children are at an increased risk of developing severe flu complications. A flu shot will offer the best defense for your child to fight the flu and its possible dangerous consequences. These shots will also help slow the spread of this contagious disease. Hence getting your child vaccinated with flu shots will boost their immune system, avoid missing their school and reduce the doctor’s visits. In addition, flu-related hospitalization and fatalities in children can be prevented. 

How Do Flu Shots Work?

The flu shot uses influenza antigens, unique molecules that cause the body to release antibodies specifically designed to ward off flu infection. Every bacteria and virus contains special antigens. Once a body accumulates antibodies to combat the flu antigens, the immune system will get proficient in recognizing the flu germs as soon as they enter the body. Then, the body increases its production of flu antibodies to prevent infections.

Who Needs An Annual Flu Shot?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone six months of age and above need an annual flu shot, and especially young children might require two doses. Generally, the immunity develops in about two weeks after the vaccination, and even if you come in contact with a different flu strain, the vaccine may still provide protection.

Why Should Flu Shot Be Taken Every Year?

While some vaccinations last for several years, maybe even the entire lifespan, the flu shots need to be given regularly to ensure your body produces the antibodies it needs to combat the infections. A yearly vaccine will help the body maintain the required level of antibodies to fight against a specific illness. But with the flu, the influenza virus can change rapidly. These virus mutations can result in different flu strains that make you sick. And every year, researchers develop a new flu vaccine to combat the most prevalent strains during that flu season. Every year, we need a flu shot to keep up with those changes, so our bodies can produce the antibodies they require to fight off the current flu strains.

Benefits of the Flu Shots

The most crucial benefit of getting vaccinated is they help prevent infections. The flu virus can take a few days to show its symptoms. During this period, the infection can spread to other family members, including people at an increased risk for fatal complications. The flu shots will help prevent the disease from spreading to others. 

Annual flu vaccines offer significant benefits for asthma, strokes, or heart disease. For pregnant women, having a flu shot can safeguard the health of the mother and child for several months after delivery.

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