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SVN Treatments

SVN Treatments

Children who have asthma need continuous treatment to control their symptoms and prevent the development of other medical problems. If your child’s asthma is managed effectively, it will help them avoid visiting emergency care and remain healthy. At Healthy Kidz Pediatrics in Mesa, Arizona, we will assess your child’s symptoms and triggers and suggest the appropriate treatment. We offer a small volume nebulizer (SVN) as one of the several treatment options. 

What Is SVN Treatment?

Nebulization is a form of respiratory care. It is the medical process of giving medication directly by inhalation, with the help of a nebulizer device that converts liquid medicine into mist. This mist is then inhaled using a breathing mask.

A small volume nebulizer (SVN) is a machine that mixes the asthma medicine and converts it into a mist. A fine mist of medicine can enter directly into your kid’s lungs and start to act quickly. The mist is referred to as an aerosol, and it can help ease breathing problems. The mist can be inhaled through a mouthpiece or a nose mask. Initially, your child may be scared of the mouthpieces and may feel breathless for a few minutes. Once they follow the correct breathing technique, the mist will go right into their lungs.

The Process of SVN Treatment

We perform safe and comfortable nebulizer treatments keeping your child’s anxiety in mind. First, your child will be made to sit comfortably in a chair. Then the asthma medication is placed in the nebulizer cup, and the mouthpiece is attached to the cup. The tubing is connected to the nebulizer and compressor. Once the compressor is turned on, it will release a faint mist. Your child will be required to breathe normally through their mouth, taking breaks between every fifth breath. Then your child must hold their breath for two to three seconds and exhale out the air. As a result, the medication will settle into the lungs. The process is continued till the entire medicine has been exhausted, providing immediate relief from breathing distress. 

To learn more about our SVN treatments, visit our office, Healthy Kidz Pediatrics, at 215 S Power Rd #106, Mesa, AZ 85206. You can also reach us at (480) 214-0051and schedule an appointment with Dr. Manuel Galvez.

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