Allergy Immunotherapy Services

Allergy Immunotherapy Services

Allergy shots are one of the best therapies available to address asthma and allergies. It is one of the few disease-altering treatments available in medicine and targets the primary cause of various allergic conditions. These allergy immunotherapy shots provide relief from allergy and sinus symptoms and eliminate the need for medication in the future. In children, allergy shots are beneficial as they can minimize the possibility of developing asthma or becoming more allergic during their adult life.

What Is Allergen Immunotherapy?

Allergy immunotherapy works to boost your child's resistance to allergic substances by introducing small doses of each allergen into their bloodstream. Slowly over a period, these doses are increased. Allergy shots are deemed to be a very effective treatment to cure allergies. The allergy shots are administered under medical guidance and are generally given into the upper arms at set intervals over a prolonged period. For instance, if your child has severe pollen allergy, immunotherapy shots may be provided regularly spread over four to five years. These shots will help reduce or eliminate the allergic symptoms entirely in most cases.

How Do Allergy Immunotherapy Shots Work?

The introduction of allergen proteins in the body will help the immune system recognize and become tolerant to these substances. Once a child's body gets used to the allergy shots, they will not experience allergic inflammatory reactions when exposed to allergens in the atmosphere. As a result, the allergic symptoms will decrease, and the dependency on medication will significantly reduce. The effects of this allergy immunotherapy will last for several years and keep the symptoms in check.

What Is Involved In Allergy Immunotherapy?

The allergy immunotherapy regimen includes two phases, the build-up phase, and the maintenance phase. The allergy shots build-up stage involves gradually increasing the dosage and working up to the target of the therapeutic dose. This allows the body time to get adjusted to the allergic substances. Once the target dose has been realized, this dose is maintained for a period of three to five years in most children. During this maintenance phase, the immune system becomes more receptive to the allergic elements and makes a child non-allergic. Although allergy injections are not a cure for allergies, they help boost the immune system. In addition, they prevent the allergic response from even starting instead of just treating symptoms once they occur. Each child is different, and both build-up and maintenance phases can be customized to meet their individual needs.


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