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Sports Physical

Sports Physical

The medical fraternity also refers to a sports physical as a pre-participation physical examination (PPE). These tests are conducted to determine if a child is in an excellent physical condition to take part in sports activities. Additionally, as a parent, it will help if you consult a medical professional to assess your child's fitness levels before enrolling them in a new sport or exercise regime. At Healthy Kidz Pediatrics in Mesa, Arizona, we perform sports physicals to ensure your child is ready for strenuous physical activities.

Why Are Sports Physicals Required?

 A sports physical focuses mainly on the health history that may directly impact a child's sporting capabilities. It covers all the tests done in an annual physical examination, besides determining the child's abilities to play a sport that requires different levels of competencies.

Importance of a Sports Physical

Sports physical will help determine the following parameters:

  • It will help assess a child's general health condition and present fitness level
  • It aids in the screening of any injuries and ailments, including life-threatening disorders
  • It will help identify the chances of  incurring injuries 
  • If chronic medical conditions are detected, they can be managed appropriately
  • It also provides tactics to prevent injuries 
  • It supports safe participation in sports

What Is Involved During a Sports Physical?

The sports physical exam is very much similar to an annual medical checkup but with additional tests connected to playing sports. Dr. Manuel Galvez will concentrate specifically on the health of your child's bones, heart, lungs, and joints. The details of the test include:

  • We will take measurements of a child's height and weight
  • Readings of blood pressure and pulse are noted down
  • The vision in the eyes is checked to see if your child needs corrective lenses
  • The joints are evaluated for their flexibility, strength, and posture
  • We may enquire about daily habits such as diet, supplement usage, and prescription medication
  • The entire medical history is discussed to check for any pre-existing medical conditions that would require treatment
  • A comprehensive evaluation of your child's mental health to see if they suffer from anxiety or stress due to performance expectations
  • For girls, their menstrual cycles are also discussed to discover any hormonal imbalances.
  • Past musculoskeletal injuries and any current joint or bone problems will be analyzed
  • We will ask if your child's ever been diagnosed with asthma, allergies, a seizure disorder, diabetes, or any heart problem.

If you want to schedule a sports physical for your child, visit our office, Healthy Kidz Pediatrics, at 215 S Power Rd #106, Mesa, AZ 85206. You can also reach us at (480) 214-0051.

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